The WSA Consortium of Support Professionals are composed of over 80 governmental, non-profit and business professionals who provide technical assistance to Master Watershed Stewards as they move their communities to action. Consortium members are experts in the fields of conservation, ecology, government laws, landscape architecture,  low impact design, water quality monitoring, watershed assessment, marketing, information technology and many others.  Some Consortium members assist by consulting on design and development of watershed restoration projects, community engagement, technology, grant writing and other areas of expertise.  They may fulfill the role of a “speakers bureau”.  The commitment of each Consortium member will vary and may range from phone call/e-mail support to site visits and speaking engagements.  Consortium members also attend or instruct some sessions of the Certification Training.

For consortium members, benefits are many. Working with the WSA connects Consortium members with community leaders, local governments, and other environmental professionals. The result of this connection, is greater communication, collaboration, and restoration. Consortium members will gain valuable exposure to community groups, networking opportunities, and may gain skilled volunteers or be hired by communities to design or install restoration projects. Other benefits to Consortium members include access to the Tool Box for Sustaining Action and admission to WSA workshops and classes. Not least of these benefits will be cleaner water and informed communities!  

Become a Consortium Member