Capture Your Stormwater


Rainscaping is a powerful tool to collect and clean stormwater.  Stormwater carries pollutants into our waterways and can cause harmful erosion.  The key to successfully managing rain on your property is to Slow it down, Spread it out, Soak it up 

Here are some simple (and beautiful) ways you can capture stormwater:

Rain Barrels and Cisterns

Catch the rainwater as it comes off of your roof to slow it down or store it for later use, such as watering your gardens.  Rain barrels can improve the health of our rivers, look great in your garden, and save you money!  

Rain Gardens

A rain garden soaks up rainwater that flows off a building or other impervious area.  A typical rain garden consists of a shallow depression that contains loose soil, mulch and sometimes stone, and is planted with native plants. As the stormwater passes through the soil mixture, physical and biological processes remove pollutants and nutrients. 

Conservation Landscapes

Planting with native plants provides a natural habitat for birds and insects, cleans stormwater, and saves you time and money on maintenance.  Not sure which plants are native to our area?  Visit our Conservation Landscapes page to find valuable resources. 

Native Trees

Many know the benefits of planting a tree, which include cleaning our polluted air and water.  By planting native trees, you provide habitat for the local birds and wildlife.  Celebrate the native trees of your area of Maryland!  

Swales and Berms

Many downspouts and drains aim the stormwater directly at the stormdrains, sending whatever pollutants it carries into our waterways.  By redirecting the water to a vegetated area, the water is slowed down to reduce erosion and infiltrated into the ground to be cleaned.  

Permeable Pavers

Permeable surfaces allow water to soak in and infiltrate into the ground.  Consider replacing hard, impermeable surfaces, such as your concrete driveway or patio, with these permeable pavers or pavement to benefit the Bay without sacrificing design. 

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