Anne Arundel County Watersheds

If you live in Anne Arundel County, you live in a watershed. 

Anne Arundel County is home to 533 miles of tidal shoreline and is divided into 12 main watersheds.  All of the land within these watersheds drains into one of the 12 main river systems and eventually into the Chesapeake Bay.  Each resident in our county is within a stone’s throw of a waterway.

According to the Clean Water Act all waterways should be clean enough for fishing and swimming.

All of the waterways in Anne Arundel County are contaminated by 3 or more pollutants.



Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is the maximum amount of a pollutant that can be in a river for it to be considered clean.

In Anne Arundel County, all of our rivers have too much pollution.

Find out more about the quality of Anne Arundel County waterways, and how the Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection and Restoration Program is working to restore our rivers at

Explore Our Watershed

Ever wondered how close you live to the nearest stream, or about the condition of your local stream?  Would you like to measure how much impervious surface you have on your property or see what type of soil may be found in your community? 

The Anne Arundel County Watershed Mapping Application can tell you all of this and MUCH more!   Click on the link above or the map below to launch the mapping application.

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